Pioneer PureVision Plasma TV Accessories

Save on the purchase of these accessories when bought with the PDP-4360HD or PDP-5060HD Pioneer PureVision Plasma TV Displays.


Flat Wall Mount (PDWB-5003) Our Price: $299.99

Tilt Wall Mount (PWM-503) Our Price: $399.99

Monster Power MP-HTS3500MKII - 10 Outlet Reference Surge Protector / Line Conditioner
  • 2775 joules protection
  • Clean Power Stage 3 application-specific filtering for the highest quality
  • Optimized digital filter for minimum jitter and precise imaging
  • High sensitivity volt meter system status display
  • 12V trigger input for remote turn-on of switched outlets
  • 3 coax, 1 phone for protection of DSS, DVD and cable TV connections
  • Lifetime product warranty
  • $100,000 connected equipment warranty
  • Includes Monster Internet and coax cables

Our Price: $299.99

Phoenix Gold Cable Bundle - Everything you need to get started  
  • 1x HDMI Cable (HDMX-520 - 6.5ft)
  • 1x Component Cable (VRX-520CV - 6.5ft)
  • 1x S-Video Cable (VRX-520SV - 6.5ft)
  • 1x Optical Toslink-to-Toslink Cable (DTX-520 - 6.5ft)

Our Price: $99.99