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True High-Definition

Pioneer PureVision Plasma TV's are True High Definition units, supporting all HD modes and providing a native 1024 x 768p  (p for progressive) resolution (1280 x 768 on 50 inch). They will still display SD signals as well, so you're set for the present and well into the future.

HD Converter
Straight lines on objects like fences or stairs often appear to have jagged edges when viewed on a typical plasma panel. The Pioneer PureVision Plasmas all feature an HD Converter with 84 detection points on the screen. The built-in HD Converter cleans up the edges and reduces overall distortion giving you a smooth picture.

Deep Encased Cell Structure

Pioneer's Deep Encased Cell Structure technology provides a more energy-efficient, brighter picture by isolating the phosphors and allowing a greater depth to contain them. The cells are also lined by black stripes to absorb excess light and glare, preventing the image from looking washed out.

Deep Encased Cell Conventional Black Stripe Lining

Over One Billion Colors

Pioneer's Advanced Continuous Emission IV technology provides 1,073,741,824 True Colors! Pioneer's ACE IV technology provides 1024 grayscale steps for each primary color (Red, Green, Blue) enabling greater color gradation. This means that the Pioneer PureVision Plasmas deliver truly deep blacks and finer detail, no matter what the source material may be.

Noise Reduction and Distortion
Seen as clouds of tiny dots, video noise is no longer an issue with a Pioneer PureVision Plasma Display. Three methods of noise reduction are employed by the PureVision line, MPEG noise reduction, Digital Noise Reduction Circuitry and a 10-Bit Digital Color Decoder. No matter what you may be viewing, images will be crystal clear and noise-free.

Pioneer PureVision Display Panels employ proprietary noise reduction technology to reduce distortion and eliminate video noise. Artifacting occurs on many widescreen plasma display panels when regular tv pictures are animorphically stretched from their native 4:3 resolution to the 16:9 resolution of a Plasma Display Panel. This creates blocky, fuzzy, overly-stretched images. Pioneer's Natural Resize Technology corrects these problems, allowing you to enjoy your plasma display to its fullest.

Example of Video Noise

PureVision Noise Reduction

Pure Drive II
Other plasma display panels perform multiple conversions from analog to digital, then back and forth before the image finally emerges onto the screen. These conversions add video noise and degrade the image.

Pioneer PureVision Plasma Display Panels use Pure Drive II technology, an innovative new process that maintains a digital path throughout signal processing. Pure Drive II technology provides an optimal picture with virtually no video noise or loss of quality.

Pure Vision 10-Bit 3D Y/C Separation

Most plasma tv display panels show messy, distracting lines of dots on faces and other contoured objects. This effect, referred to as "dot-crawl," can be avoided by keeping Y signals (brightness) and C signals (color) apart.

Pioneer's 10-Bit 3D Y/C Separator gives greater detail to the video information and provides more power to keep the Ys separate from the Cs, clearing up dot-crawl. - Some images and Text Provided by Pioneer