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Pioneer PureVision Plasma TV Display

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Pioneer Purevison Plasma Television

Pioneer Purevision plasma tv's feature Pioneer’s exclusive Pure Drive II and ACE IV technologies. You can see these technologies fully described here. Pioneer’s Pure Drive II maintains a 100% digital pathway for digital sources, like HD satellite and cable TV, and other HD sources like BluRay and HD DVD players. ACE IV works with the Crystal Emissive Layer in the glass to “reduce the visual steps between colors”. This is important because the human eye is incredibly accurate in differentiating subtle differences in hue. Traditional CRTs are analog technologies, meaning that they are capable of producing very smooth transitions in color, where digital technologies haven’t been able to. ACE IV provides for smoother transitions between colors, offering you the best of both worlds – digital color accuracy and the smoothest transitions between colors possible.

Pure Color Filter II - it's not just a glass panel

The front panels of Pioneer Purevision plasma Tvs are optical grade glass, meaning they’ve been manufactured with extraordinary care and precision to minimize distortion and enhance certain optical qualities.  Because of the precise machining, contrast between colors is enhanced by improving color separation and accuracy. Pioneer’s Pure Color Filter II also reduces ambient light reflections. As a result, Pioneer plasmas actually outperform CRT displays in color reproduction.

3:3 Pulldown

3:3 Pulldown provides for the most seamless transition between film based material and video playback possible. Film is based on 24 frames per second, where a video display works on 30 frames, or 60 fields. To show the movie, frames have to be dropped; removed from the program. This results in “judder” a stuttering, unnatural look to movement. Pioneer developed a special circuit that creates 3 copies of each frame of the source material, for a total of 72 frames per second (72Hz), which synchronizes perfectly with film frame rates. Film based material from any source will match the smooth natural look you’d see in a theater.

You're ready for cable

Included in the integrated media receiver is a QAM Cable Card Tuner (known as Digital Cable Ready or DCR). Essentially this means that you can rent a cable card from your local HD cable company, and install this card into the plasma – no more HD cable box. The drawback with using this tuner has nothing at all to do with the tuner – your HD digital cable provider may offer external tuner boxes loaded with handy features, like multiple HD tuners, for HD PIP, and HD DVRs. The current generation of QAM tuners don’t support some of the better features of using the box either, like Video on Demand and Pay per View.

The integrated media receiver also contains ATSC and NTSC tuners as well, for local off air HD and SD programming, respectively.

Advanced Connectivity

Pioneer Purevision Plasma displays feature one of the best jack packs available.

  • HDMI – 2 ports (the new 4280HD and 5080HD have 4 HDMI ports)
    HDMI is the connection of the future. Built for fully digital transmission of HD broadcasts, audio and video, it features two way capability for the next generation of interactivity in HD content.

  • Component Video – 3 ports
    Component can be considered analog HD. Appropriate for high quality transmission of HD video. Does not support two way communication. Suitable for DVD players, game consoles and HD cable and satellite boxes.

  • S-Video – 2 ports
    Super-Video, or S-VHS, separates luma and chroma in a standard NTSC signal, resulting in improved image quality over composite NTSC.

  • USB – 1 port
    Transfer picture files from your PC to your plasma display. Included is a versatile picture viewing program to create your own slideshow.

  • PC Plug your laptop, PC or HTPC into the 70HD series directly

Multi-Window display

Picture-in-Picture has been around for a while now, but the Pioneer Purevision TVs take it a whole step further.  Enabling you to combine any form of input in either PiP or in a side-by-side configuration, you can surf the net on your computer while watching a DVD or watch two games filling half the screen each. Combine this with a dual HD tuner PVR and the possibilities are staggering.

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