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Elite Screens Fixed Frame Wall mount Home Theatre Video Projection Screens

SableFrame Series
SableFrame Series

The SableFrame is Elite Screens entry level fixed frame screen for today's entry level Home Cinema 720P and 1080P projectors.

  • Highly versatile CineWhite Gain 1.1 flat tensioned screen material with 160° viewing angle
  • Standard black backed screen material eliminates light penetration
  • Adjustable fix plates provide equal tension over the entire projection surface
  • Sliding wall mounts ensure the installation is properly centered
  • Available diagonal sizes from 92", 100", 106", 110" and 120" in 16:9 HDTV format

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home theater projection screens

Elite Ezframe Series

The Elite Screens ezFrame series of fixed wall mount video projection screens offers a professional home theatre appearance without the high end price

  • Models available with CineWhite 1.1 Gain, CineGrey 1.0 gain, Wraith Veil (rear) 2.2 gain, and AcousticPro1080 (sound transparent) 1.0 Gain material
  • 2.36 " Anodized black aluminum frame with black velour surface to enhance cosmetic appearance and absorb projector light spill
  • Available in 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios
  • Diagonal sizes ranging from 84" - 226"

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Lunette curved video projection screen
Lunette Curved Projection Screen

The Lunette Series Curved Fixed Frame Screen has a curved frame with 3.5" black frame borders and is available with CineWhite and AcousticPro1080 material options.

  • Curvature enhances contrast levels with decreased incident light while creating a heightened sense of immersion
  • 40’ fixed radial curvature also eliminates the pincushion effect
  • Velvet covered 3.5" width aluminum frame border
  • Curvature enhances contrast levels with decreased incident light while creating a heightened sense of immersion
  • Available in diagonal sizes 85" - 166" in 2.35:1 aspect ratio and 84" - 150" in 16:9 aspect ratio

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235:1 widescreen

Cinema235 Series

The Cinema235 ezFrame screen has a ultra widescreen 2.35:1 aspect ratio for a true home cinema movie experience using a video projector with anamorphic stretch capability.

  • 2.35: 1 aspect ratio for Home Theater experience
  • 160° viewing angle with wide diffusion uniformity
  • Anodized black aluminum 2.36" frame thickness 
  • Available in CineWhite 1.1 gain , cinegrey 1.0 and AcousticPro1080
    acoustically transparent material .

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starbright high power high gain projector screenElite StarBright7 High Gain screen

The new StarBright™7 front projection material has a high gain of 7.0 for use in environments with poor ambient light control. The screen is perfect for bright enviroments such as churches, retail stores and convention centers.

  • Award winning ultra High 7.0 Gain angular reflective front projection material for well lit commercial applications
  • HCF (High Contrast Filter) enhances bright image reproduction with aided contrast while absorbing ambient light
  • Advanced reflection layer provided a highly reflective surface suitable for high levels of incidental light
  • Available in diagonal sizes ranging from 76" - 170" in 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10 aspect ratios

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