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Elite Screens Cinegrey High Contrast Video Projection Material For Home Theatre

cinegrey high contrast screen


CineGrey High Contrast Tensioned projection screen material is designed for Home Theater video Projectors where ambient light intrusion may be a factor and to enhance overall contrast and black levels. Its superior flatness makes the CinmeGrey ideal for home theater use. It enhances black levels while minimizing loss in color reproduction. Uniform diffusion surface has black-backing to eliminate light penetration and is easily washable with mild soap and water.


Available on, ezFrame, CineTensions2,  Elite Prime Vision Dream Window screens.

♦ Multi-layer PVC with texture and surface coating

♦ Gain: 1.0 High Contrast Grey

♦ View Angle: 160° (80° ±LR)

♦ Mildew Resistant

♦ Black backing 

♦ Surface can be cleaned with (water) moist cotton cloth



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