Pioneer PDP-4350HD 43 inch PureVision HDTV Plasma TV with Media Receiver, Speakers and Swivel Stand

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Replaced by Pioneer PDP-4360HD

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Plasma Add-ons Price
10m (33ft) Extension Cable (PDA-H03CL) 399.99
30m Extension System (PDA-H04) 969.99
Flat Wall Mount (PDWB-5003) 249.99
Tilt Wall Mount (PWM-503) 359.99

2 Year Warranty Extension (TV4999)

4 Year Warranty Extension (TV44999) 329.99
Phoenix Gold Cable Package with HDMI, Component 99.99
Pioneer PDP-4350HD 43" PureVision Plasma TV Pioneer PDP-4350HD 43" PureVision Plasma TV  
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OVERVIEW - Pioneer pdp-4350hd 43 inch PureVision HDTV Plasma TV:

Pioneer recently introduced their newest line of PureVision Plasma TV Displays, the PDP-4350HD and PDP-5050HD. All Pioneer PureVision Plasma TVs include a swivel stand, mountable speakers (side or bottom), multimedia box, remote control and 3 meter digital connection to connect the Plasma TV and media receiver.

Pioneer PureVision Plasma TV Displays feature Pioneer's exclusive Pure Drive and ACE III technologies, enabling sharp, clear images and vibrant colors. There are many other benefits such as all-digital processing and 3:3 pulldown technology, bringing your movies a cinematic quality currently only found on Pioneer PureVision Plasmas.

The Pioneer Purevision Plasma tv's include a multimedia box which includes a HDTV tuner*  however for HDTV via satellite or digital cable will still require a separate tuner box.

FEATURES - Pioneer Pdp4350hd 43 inch PureVision Plasma Screen:
  • Brightness: 1100 Cd/m2
  • Contrast: 1100 : 1
  • Pioneer’s exclusive PureDrive keeps video signals entirely in a lossless digital domain, for greater signal control and far higher video quality.
  • DCR (Digital Cable Ready) Tuner with Passport Banner (requires PSIP support) provides easy plug n play of basic cable channels without the need for an outboard cable box.
  • With Pioneer’s new Advanced PureCinema with 3-3 pulldown, film-based material on DVD, videotape, and even regular TV will match the smooth, natural reproduction you’d see in a theater.
  • ACE III (Advanced Continuous Emission III) uses 10-bit processing to produce 1,792 gradation steps for each cell—creating a palette of well over 1 billion colors and delivering reproduction accuracy up to 16 times greater than competitors’ panels.
  • Deep Encased Cell Structure: Each individual lamp is encased in its own “cell”, with walls on all sides so that light doesn’t bleed into neighboring cells. This energy-efficient design allows each lamp to deliver a more concentrated beam of light, for truer colors and brighter images.
  • 1st Surface Pure Color Filter: The clear front of the PDP-4350HD is actually a precisely manufactured optical-grade non-glass panel. It acts as a color filter that increases the spectrum of light emitted by the plasma, for a fuller range of colors and exceptional color accuracy vs. previous versions which use front filters made of glass. It also increases contrast by limiting ambient light reflections in bright viewing environments.
  • Flexible speaker mounting system. Speakers can be mounted on the side or underneath the plasma display. Click here for image
  • Full 1024 x 768 resolution.
  • Covered by the Pioneer one-year limited warranty.

Media Receiver Inputs (Rear View)Pioneer PureVision Media Receiver Inputs
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  Full High Definition Resolution XGA Resolution (1024 x 768p)
  16:9 Aspect Ratio Yes
  Advanced PureCinema 3:3 Pull-Down (72Hz panel refresh rate)
  ACE III (Advanced Continuous Emission III) True 10-bit Grey Scale - 1,792 Gradation Steps for Each Red, Green and Blue Cell Resulting in Well Over 1 Billion Colors
  PureDrive All Video Signals Processed in the 10-bit Digital Realm Only One A/D Conversion - No Other Unnecessary D/A or A/D Conversions
  Pure Color Filter 1st Surface Pure Color Filter
  Ultra Bright 1,100 Cd/m2
  Deep Encased Cell Structure Yes
  Adjustable Color Temperature 3 Settings w/6500 Degrees
  Multi Picture Window P-i-P or Split Screen with Any Source (NTSC, HD, PC)
  HDMI Connections Yes (w/ HDCP)
  IEEE-1394 Digital Interface Yes
  Digital Cable Ready (DCR) Yes
  Integrated ATSC Tuner Yes
  Includes Plasma Panel, Media Receiver, Speakers, Swivel Stand, Smart Remote And 3 Meter Digital Connection 2 Way Speakers
Optional Accessories
  10 Meter Digital Connection Cable PDA-H03CL
  30 Meter Digital Connection System PDA-H04
  Flush Mount Wall Bracket PDWB-5003
  Tilt Mount Wall Bracket PWM-503
  Antenna Input VHF x 2 (75 ohms Unbalanced F connector)
  Antenna Output VHF x 1 (75 ohms Unbalanced F connector)
  A/V Input (Front) x 1 (RCA Pin)
  A/V Input (Rear) x 3 (RCA Pin)
  S-Video Input (Front) x 1
  S-Video Input (Rear) x 2
  S-Video Output (Rear) x 1
  Component Input (Front) x 1
  Component Input (Rear) x 2
  D - Sub 15 Input (Front) x 1 (For PC Input)
  Digital Audio Output (Rear) Yes (Optical)
  iLink x 2
  HDMI Input x 2 (with HDCP)
  SR In/Output Yes (Out = SR+)
Dimensions (inch/lbs)
  Display (Width-Height-Depth) W 44-1/8" x H 25-11/16" x D 3-11/16"
  Display Weight 59.1 lbs.
  Media Receiver (Width-Height-Depth) W 16-9/16" x H 3-9/16" x D 11-10/16"
  Media Receiver Weight 12 lbs. 8 oz.
  Parts and Labor 1 year/Residential applications only/ Image persistence is not covered
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