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Sony introduces new series of LCD business projectors for mobile applications

Sony Electronics is introducing five new LCD business projectors for mobile use – two premium models (VPL-MX25 and VPL-MX20) and three table-top units (VPL-DX10, VPL-DX11 and VPL-DX15). Each model delivers XGA (1024x768) resolution.

Sony Electronics is introducing five new LCD business projectors for mobile use – two premium models (VPL-MX25 and VPL-MX20) and three table-top units (VPL-DX10, VPL-DX11 and VPL-DX15). Each model delivers XGA (1024x768) resolution.

The premium “M” series (VPL-MX20 and VPL-MX25) models produce a 2500 lumen Color Light Output*. They are slim, lightweight and bring a stylish look to professional presentations, with a design that matches Sony’s VAIO® notebook line and a magnesium body to endure the rigors of travel.

The new “D” series mobile projectors (VPL-DX10, VPL-DX11 and VPL-DX15) have Color Light Outputs ranging from 2500 to 3000 lumens and accept a range of input signals, including both PC and video sources.

“These new models offer everything a mobile professional needs for high-quality and effortless presentations,” said Lana Gallucci, marketing manager for LCD projectors at Sony Electronics. “From high brightness and contrast to networking capabilities, the M and D series are the ideal units for sales professionals, field trainers, teachers and more.”

Each series includes a network-ready unit – the VPL-MX25 and VPL-DX15 models. These are compliant with Windows® Vista and offer wireless networking functions including file viewing, remote monitoring and maintenance, streaming video viewing, and a “Remote Desktop,” which lets users access files and folders on their laptop remotely. The VPL-DX15 also offers wired networking capability.

A USB file viewer feature lets users load their presentations directly onto the projector through its USB input, eliminating the need to carry a computer. Users can also view a range of file types – PowerPoint®, Excel®, Word®, and Adobe® PDFs – and stream WMV files and access JPEG files without having to convert to a proprietary file format.

The M series models are among the industry’s slimmest 3LCD projectors at less than two inches thick. The D series models weigh just more than four pounds, with a small footprint suitable for desktop usage.

All five new models use Sony’s 3LCD BrightEra™ projection system to reproduce natural images with high contrast and brightness, even in normal room lighting conditions. It can also allow for the use of small, less expensive lamps that use less electricity, produce less heat and last longer before needing to be replaced.

BrightEra technology is based on an inorganic alignment layer to produce a stronger bonding of molecules. This makes the panel more resistant to damage from UV rays and increases light resistance. As a result, brightness and panel reliability are increased. The M Series expands the capabilities of this technology with Sony’s BrightEra Longer Lasting Optics, which uses inorganic polarizers to further enhance panel reliability.

Each new model features “Off and Go” technology, which allows users to turn off and pack up the projector immediately after a presentations ends, without having to wait for the unit to cool down.

The M Series offers automatic set-up and adjustment of projector height, keystone, focus, and inputs. Anti-theft features include password protection to help prevent unauthorized usage. The control panels can be locked to help prevent inadvertent or unauthorized adjustments, and the models also feature a Kensington®-style lock port for physical locking.

The D Series’ manual lens shutter allows users to mute their presentation quickly and easily. They can be floor-, ceiling- or rear-mounted. For easy maintenance, the lamps can be replaced from the rear of the projector and the filter can be removed from the front, eliminating the need to uninstall the projector for maintenance.

The following are availability and suggested list pricing for the new projectors:

VPL-MX25, available in June, $3,480
VPL-MX20, available now, $3,040
VPL-DX10, available now, $1,880
VPL-DX11, available now, $2,030
VPL-DX15, available in June, $2,460

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