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3LCD Projector Technology

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Is 3LCD the Same As LCD?

LCDs are a crucial component of 3LCD systems and are the reason that 3LCD got its name, but no, the two technologies are not the same. Here is an overview of both technologies and how they relate to each other.

What is LCD?

LCD standard for Liquid Crystal Display. A very popular display technology, you find LCDs all around you, in digital clocks, MP3 players, and watches, just to name a few. LCDs are very common because they offer distinct advantages: they are thinner, lighter, and draw less power than many competing technologies.

One key feature of LCDs is that applying an electric current controls the way light passes through the display. The simplest version of this effect is seen in digital watches where numbers are created by the display not allowing light to pass through in the shape of each number. Over the years, Epson has built upon this basic technology and developed LCDs that display millions of colors. These sophisticated LCDs are used in televisions and projectors, where subtle and precise color differences create the beautiful images you see.

What is 3LCD?

In developing LCD technology, Epson discovered that using a combination of three LCDs to produce a final image was the optimal way to achieve the sharpest and most beautiful images in televisions and projectors. Since this trio of LCDs is a unique technology used in projecting images, it was important to differentiate this innovation from the hundreds of other uses for single LCDs. Thus the name 3LCD was born.

3LCD projection systems give you dazzling brightness, true-to-life color saturation, and razor-sharp contrast for displaying digital content. This robust technology is incredibly versatile and is used in a variety of applications. For example, 3LCD easily displays full high-definition television (HDTV) broadcast signals. With the increasing popularity of HDTV, 3LCD's versatility confirms its top position in the video projection market.

The Benefits of 3LCD

Vibrant Colour

3LCD produces beautiful, vibrant images, making it today’s best selling projection technology worldwide. From gorgeous, life-like colours to fluid rapid-motion video, the 3LCD experience is a better way to see - everything.

Detailed Images

Epson's 3LCD projection systems produce bright, clear, and high-contrast images. The brightness of the projector is particularly significant in semi-lit or artificial light environments, such as meeting rooms or lecture halls, where a brighter image creates a more defined picture. In darker home theater settings, 3LCD's high-contrast images make even the darkest scenes luminous and clear.

Efficient Design

Epson's projectors, televisions, and other 3LCD products are extremely well-designed, high-performance systems. For example, the 3LCD optical engines are optimized for excellent light conservation, bringing more photons of light to the screen than any other projection system. This attention to detail is part of the reason that Epson has been the number one brand of projectors sold worldwide.

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