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Sanyo Releases PLC-XTC50L Projector

Featuring the Industry’s First*1 “lamp selection system”
Easier projector maintenance and highly functional projector automatically switches lamps

SANYO Canada is proud to announce another unique projector to its broad line-up, the PLC-XTC50L. This new commercial-use projector features the industry’s first*1 ‘lamp selection system’ promoting easier projector maintenance, approximately 6,000 hours*2 without the need of lamp maintenance, as well as offering other recent features simplifying maintenance for projectors, such as SANYO’s proprietary ‘Active Maintenance Filter’ (AMF) that saves on maintenance by automatically detecting clogs in the airflow to the system and scrolls the reel in the cartridge of filters to the next clean filter. The projector also features advanced lens shifting, even performing keystone corrections both horizontally and vertically while being able to be positioned or installed at almost any angle and setting. The PLC-XTC50L will be on sale in Canada starting from January, 2009.

Along with the updates over the previous model in terms of higher brightness, the use of projectors is expanding in locations such as large halls and rooms with high ceilings and harder to reach projector
settings. SANYO provides easier maintenance options for its projectors with this new solution for replacing lamps. SANYO already provides simple maintenance option such as the AMF cartridge-type filter system. With this latest feature, SANYO will continue to provide projectors with the simplest maintenance, filled with features, allowing a variety of projector settings to meet each individual need.

Main Features

1. Industry's first*1 lamp selection system: No lamp maintenance necessary for approximately 6,000 hours*2
- Incorporates industry’s first*1 lamp selection system
- Lamp selection system makes approximately 6,000 hours*2 of projection possible, or twice as long as conventional one-lamp models
- System automatically*3 selects one of the two lamps to project from, and switches based on user preference or on preprogrammed settings
- Eliminates need to stock up spare lamps far in advance, good for budget limitations
- If the first lamp is fully used, the next is already loaded, allowing seamless presentations

2. Active Maintenance Filter (AMF) for easy maintenance
- Well-known AMF system included in the model
- AMF detects air blocks or clogs, then scrolls the filter reel to the next clean filter
- Ten (10) filters included in every cartridge, dramatically lowering maintenance*4.
*4 Filter replacement at approximately 10,000 hours (Based on JIS D-0207 accelerated testing environment conditions)

3. Vertical/Horizontal Lens Shifting & Keystone Correction / 360-degree*5 Projection: Installation in various places is possible
- Lens shifting and keystone correction permit advanced installation versatility
- Vertical/Horizontal Lens Shifting (max. +50% vertically and ±15% horizontally)
- Vertical/Horizontal Keystone Correction (±40 degrees vertically and ±20 degrees horizontally)
- Keystone correction for vertical and horizontal lines means projector can be installed at an angle in relation to the screen
- Projector can be installed at any 360-degree*5 angle, while still being able to function properly
*5 Vertical direction

4. Other Features

- Equipped with highly durable optical engine, making overall projector longer-lasting
- Elegantly designed with in-view ceiling installation in mind
- Mechanical Shutter which completely blocks lamp light when desired, preventing light from entering a presenter's eyes.
- An IC-equipped Lamp Box for Projection Time Management is incorporated for management of the projection time for each lamp.
- Coin Screws are used to facilitate lamp replacement without using tools.
- When installed on a ceiling, Remote Control from Directly Below is possible.

*Specifications as of November 6, 2008, subject to change.
*All product names and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Availability: January 2009
Pricing: MSLP $6000.-
Warranty : Three Years Parts and Labor, 1 year or 500 hours on original Lamps.

All products and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Because its products are subject to continual improvement, SANYO reserves the right to modify product design and specifications without notice and without incurring any obligations.

SANYO Canada, established in 1958, is based in Concord, Ontario (a business suburb north of Toronto). Founded in 1947 in Osaka, Japan, SANYO, which stands for “three oceans,” has $22 billion worldwide in sales. The company provides a full range of SANYO consumer and industrial products including audio and video, digital cameras, wireless communication, LCD projectors and monitors, security video, air conditioning and home appliance products. SANYO is also the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries. Its environmental focus includes solar energy panel products, non-fluorocarbon refrigeration, and electric vehicle power solutions (for the Ford Escape Hybrid and Honda Accord). It is also a major manufacturer of lab equipment and C02 incubators. Visit www.sanyo.ca for more information.


SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. is a multi-billion-dollar global leader in providing solutions for the environment, energy and for lifestyle applications based on its brand vision 'Think GAIA'.
For more information on SANYO's complete line of projectors please call 905-760-9944 or visit http://www.sanyo.ca.

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