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Sharp showcases the groundbreaking XG-P610X 3 CHIP DLP high brightness professional projector for large venues

6000 ANSI Lumens 3 chip XGA DLP® Professional Projector presents cost-effective offering for ProAV Market

Las Vegas, NV, June 18, 2008 -- Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA), announces the introduction of the world’s first 6000 Lumen DLP .7-inch XGA 3 chip Professional Projector, model XG-P610X, combining extensive projector features from Sharp with Texas Instruments’ advanced 3 chip technology. This 6000 Lumen Installation/Integration projector represents the first in a family of 3 chip projectors from Sharp and is also the first in this brightness category for Sharp, breaking an industry barrier with unparalleled picture quality and brightness at an affordable and competitive price point.

Combining high brightness, 2000:1 contrast ratio, XGA native resolution for detailed images, six lens options and redundant reliability through a dual-lamp lighting system, this projector is ideal for facilities that need a powerful, permanently-installed display device, including system integration, large venues, rental and staging, control centers, broadcast studios, flight control rooms and call centers.

“This innovative 3 chip projector represents a technological breakthrough, allowing us to provide customers with excellent image quality and superior brightness in a more affordable package,” said Joe Gillio, associate director of display product planning, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America. “With DLP 3 chip technology and the intelligent dual-lamp design from Sharp, we can offer our customers unparalleled reliability and power to produce brilliant images in dimly or fully-lit areas for virtually crystal clear presentations.”

Advanced DLP 3 chip Technology
Texas Instruments’ latest DLP® 3 chip technology provides customers with superior image quality and high brightness. A 3 chip projector uses three primary colors of light to resolve finer detail and color.

“Leveraging our legacy of superior picture quality and success with projection innovations, we are excited to be bringing DLP 3 chip technology to the professional AV market,” said Nancy Fares, business manager for DLP 3Chip products and DLP Cinema®. “Sharp leads the industry with a strong and reliable line of projectors. Collaborating with Sharp to introduce this first model allows us to provide customers with access to an installation projector with superior image quality at the 6000 Lumen mark.”

Extended Lamp Life and Low Cost of Ownership
The XG-P610X offers redundant reliability for uninterrupted presentations through the company’s dual-lamp optical system. For applications that require reduced output, such as in shaded rooms, users can run a single lamp, or operate the unit in its “eco” low brightness mode, effectively extending the lamp life for a lower overall cost of ownership.

Multiple Lenses for Limitless Placement Options
The projector has six lens options, providing users with a multitude of placement choices, even out of reach on a high ceiling. All lenses are powered, so adjustments can be made remotely. “H & V” optical lens shift allows the user to adjust the lens horizontally and vertically, minimizing keystone distortion. The unit’s standard lens is a high image quality, 1.2x powered zoom/focus for a maximum screen size of 250 inches.

Exceptional Video Processing and Connectivity
The XG-P610X’s built-in video-processing chip, the Sharp CV-IC II System, ensures enhanced image quality. The CV-IC II System circuitry smoothes jagged edges, minimizes image noise and creates a rectangular image with keystone corrections, resulting in impressively sharp presentations.

The projectors also add UXGA (1600 x 1200) compatibility and HDTV/DTV compatibility for use with current and next-generation video technologies as well as extensive connectivity. An HDMI input terminal is included as well as separate audio inputs for each signal input.

Remote Access and Control Software
The XG-P610X has a built-in RJ-45 LAN connection and Web server that allows direct control from the desktop to the projector without special software. The company’s Display Manager software connects one or more LAN-enabled projectors to a network for remote control, asset management and diagnostics. The software helps minimize downtime and expedites maintenance by self-diagnosing system errors, instantly alerting the control PC or e-mailing an error message to a predetermined list. The unit also includes a wireless/wired remote with full mouse control*.

The XG-P610X is backed by a two-year parts and labor limited warranty including two years of Sharp’s industry-leading 24-hour turnaround “ER” Express Repair support.

Price and Availability

  • The XG-P610X (6000 ANSI Lumens, XGA) is available at a Manufacturer’s Suggested List Price (MSLP) of $14,995 through Sharp authorized Professional System Integration Projector Dealerships.

  • The XG-P610XN (same model without lens) is available at a MSLP of $13,995 through Sharp authorized Professional System Integration Projector Dealerships.

  • The XG-P560W (5200 ANSI Lumens, WXGA) will be available in July at a MSLP of $16,995 through Sharp authorized Professional System Integration Projector Dealerships.

  • The XG-P560WN (same model without lens) is available at a MSLP of $15,995 through Sharp authorized Professional System Integration Projector Dealerships.
For more information, please contact Sharp Electronics Corporation, Professional Display Division, Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, N.J. 07495-1163, call 866-4-VISUAL (866-484-7825), or email ProLCD@SharpUSA.com.

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*Requires the optional AN-MR2 wireless mouse receiver.

DLP is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments.

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