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Sanyo Announces Six New 'Simple and Easy' Ultra Portable Projectors

Including the Industry’s First*1 Automatic Wireless LAN Connection Capability

Tokyo, March 10, 2009 – SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO) is pleased to announce six new simple and easy ultra portable projectors for office and educational use. The line-up includes the industry’s first*1 “Simple Wireless Setting”*2 automatic wireless LAN connection via USB memory, “Easy Setup Function” for novice users to have powerful presentations, and a built-in, loud speaker for multimedia presentations. The new line-up of six (6) projectors includes new Wireless LAN models (LP-XU355, LP-XU305) and basic models (LP-XU350, LP-XU300, LP-XU301, and LP-WXU300).

Sanyo LP-XU355 Wireless LAN Projector

Based on the concepts of “Simple and Easy”, the line-up includes six ultra portable projectors. Usable for a number of applications including office- and educational-use, the series offers a variety of models to meet a number of needs. The first projectors in the series will be available in Japan starting with the LP-XU355, LP-XU305, LP-XU350 and the LP-XU300 from May 2009, with the other two projectors to follow in June (LP-XU301) and in July (LP-WXU300).

Projector Type

Wireless LAN

Wired LAN

Product No.







Optical Zoom




Wireless LAN



Audio Output





470,400 yen

417,900 yen

365,400 yen

312,900 yen

365,400 yen

417,900 yen

Sales Date

May 2009

June 2009

July 2009


10,000 units

Main Features

1. Industry’s first*1 “Simple Wireless Setting”*2 via USB memory (XU355/305 models)

- Two models include the industry’s first “Simple Wireless Setting”*2*3
- By inserting the included USB memory in the computer, only one*4 click is required to automatically*5 connect to the projector wirelessly
- Simple wireless connection allows novices to setup and use for professional presentations
- USB terminal allows use with computers without CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives
- No special programs or drivers to install
- Connect wirelessly to multiple computers, or up to five projectors to one computer
- Wireless range of up to 30 meters*6 allows a room free from cumbersome cables

*1 As of the time of sales in May 2009, for projectors
*2 For systems with wireless LAN (IEEE802.11b/g) capability
*3 LP-XU355 and LP-XU305 models
*4 Two clicks or more may be necessary depending on the computer used
*5 Setup may not be completed automatically, depending on the initial settings of the computer used
*6 Wireless up to 30 meters (actual distance depends on a variety of environmental conditions that can affect signal strength)

Sanyo LP-XU355 Wireless LAN Projector

2. ‘Easy Setup Function’ (all models)

- ‘Auto Input Signal Search’ function automatically performs the projector input settings
- ‘Auto Vertical Keystone Correction’ function automatically eliminates vertical distortion.
- ‘Guidance Function’ displays connection instructions on the projection screen when no signal is detected, enabling easy setup even for the novice users

Sanyo LP-XU355 Wireless LAN Projector

3. Built-in, loud ‘7 W Speaker’ (XU355/305/301 and WXU300 models)

- Built-in powerful ‘7W Speaker’, allows multimedia presentations that include audio
- Makes presentations easier and more professional, loud enough for everyone to hear

Sanyo LP-XU355 Wireless LAN Projector

4. Other Features

- High-brightness for projection even in brightly lit rooms
(3500 lumens; XU355/350, 3000 lumens; XU305/301/300, 2500 lumens; WXU300)
- Digital Inputs for beautiful image projection (DVI: XU355/305/301, HDMI: WXU300)
- ‘Memory Viewer function’ allows image projection from USB memory (XU355/305), eliminating the need for a computer
- Compact design for true portability: About 15% lighter*7 than previous model
- ‘Power-off and Go Function’ allows power cord to be pulled out without waiting for cooling down
- Wide-Range 1.6x optical zoom lens allows flexible placement
(XU355/305/301, WXU300)

*7 LP-XU305 compared to LP-XU88, the previous SANYO model

Sanyo LP-XU355 Wireless LAN Projector

Outline and Background

Because projectors for the office and educational markets are being more popular, there are new applications and requiring novice users to setup and operate the system. This XU300 series offers a full line-up of projectors that are easy to use for various applications.

On this occasion, the XU300 series projectors have been developed with a number of features to make it easier to setup and use for even novices.

For the office, there are projectors in the line-up that include the industry’s first*1 “Simple Wireless Setting”*2*3, which can be setup by simply using the included USB memory and selecting the option from the menu. Some of the models feature a Wide-Range 1.6x optical zoom lens, allowing the projector to be placed in a number of positions to accommodate limited space often found in meeting rooms. The “Simple and Easy” series makes preparation and setup a breeze for meetings and client presentations while in the field.

Also, two projectors have been created with the educational market in mind. With easy-to-use wired LAN and ‘Easy Setup Functions’ among other features, it has never been easier for users who are not familiar with technology such as projectors and computers to set up and use professionally.

Finally, a widescreen model that is compatible with the most recent and popular laptop/notebook computers that feature widescreen monitors has been designed and comes with a number of features to ensure successful presentations.


For more detailed specifications, please click here.

Press Contact (English Only)

Global Communications Department
Corporate Communications Headquarters
Tel: +81-3-6414-8621
Fax: +81-3-6414-8720
E-mail: i_press@sanyo.com

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